- 手描きスリッポンLACICO(ラシコ) -


LACICO is a unit of hand-painted slip-on shoes, formed by a husband and wife under the name Lacci and Cotton in Osaka, Japan.
We compare slip-on shoes, whose beauty is simple shape and comfortable, to canvases to design pieces that have familiar motifs dealing with “daily life.”
The slip-on shoes by LACICO are works that the couple paints and dyes each single pair by hand with all their heart.
Naturally, same patterns and figures are never produced, so you can enjoy the different expressions.
We are currently accepting online orders for slip-on shoes. Please visit our website called LACICO WEB SHOP.
Why not [We suggest you] slip on matching shoes to your family members, friends, or boyfriends/girlfriends.
We can provide you with a wide range of sizes from adults to children.
We are sure that a wonderful day will be waiting for you when going out in your LACICO shoes!

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